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the Problem

GDPR requires publishers and ad networks to get explicit consent before sending PII data (such as IP addresses) to third parties or performing automated decision making (geolocation).

Leverage Industry Standards

Compliant with the IAB's consent framework, our solution allows consent to be passed to over a hundred advertising and marketing partners.


Leverage consent that a user has already granted elsewhere in our network of publishers - ensuring compliance while safeguarding ad revenue.

No Coding Required

Configure your settings on our dashboard, and then copy & paste a snippet of code into any website - it just works.

Customize the consent based on your organization's vendors, design preferences, and maintain separate settings for all your sites/apps.

Automatic Personalization

Display notices in the right language, automatically - with your own privacy policy's URL.

Responsive design keeps it looking perfect, from desktop to mobile.

Demonstrate Consent

We store & anonymize all consent logs, and provide analytics to help you meet regulatory requirements.

Monitor all your sites daily, and get alerts on any sites that have compliance issues.

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